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Reasons Why You May Need to Remove Your Tonsils & How It Is Done

January 9, 2023
Reasons Why You May Need to Remove Your Tonsils How It Is Done

Your tonsils are a set of glands that sit at the back of your throat. Their main purpose is to prevent germs from entering the mouth or nose and serve an important immune function. However in some cases, it can actually be beneficial to surgically remove the tonsils in a procedure known as tonsillectomy.

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Reasons For Removing Tonsils

Reasons For Removing Tonsils-Chronic Snoring/ Sleep Apnea

1. Chronic Snoring/ Sleep Apnea

Your tonsils may get infected and swell up. For most people, the swelling reduces once the infection has subsided, although for a proportion of patients the tonsils remain swollen. The enlarged tonsils can then block portions of your airway and make it difficult to breathe, especially at night. This can lead to sleep apnea in Singapore where your blocked airway results in constant waking and lowered quality of sleep.

Over time, sleep apnea can have serious ill effects on your body. To remedy this, your ENT may recommend a tonsil removal.

2. Recurrent Tonsillitis

Your tonsils are at the front line of your body’s defence system against bacteria and viruses that enter through your mouth. This also makes the tonsils vulnerable to infection, a condition known as tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis can be treated with minimal intervention via a course of antibiotics. However if your doctor finds that you have recurrent tonsillitis, then it may be more beneficial to remove your tonsils altogether. Tonsillitis can cause symptoms like breathing issues, sleep apnea, halitosis, pain, headaches, and ulcers. Removing tonsils can eliminate many of these issues.

3. Tonsil Cancer

Tonsillectomy might also be recommended for patients who have cancerous tissue or suspected malignancy in their tonsils. Tonsil cancer is the most common form of oropharyngeal cancer and is more common among those over 50 and males.

Tonsil Cancer-tonsillitis in Singapore

How Is Tonsillectomy Done

There are a few different ways of performing a tonsillectomy and your ENT surgeon will choose the method most appropriate for your condition.

1. Intracapsular Tonsillectomy

Intracapsular tonsillectomy involves the removal of most of the tonsil tissue but leaves a small layer to protect the throat muscle. Removing the entire tonsil tissue is known as an extracapsular tonsillectomy and it exposes the muscle bed and blood vessels that lie within the tonsil muscles.

Intracapsular tonsillectomy has less risk of bleeding during the procedure and a faster recovery timeline. This type of surgery is often recommended for children who have enlarged tonsils or recurrent tonsillitis in Singapore.

2. Ultrasonic Scalpel

The Ultrasonic Scalpel tonsillectomy is a procedure that uses a handheld device with ultrasonic energy at the blade tip. The vibrations produced by the device allow the blade to both cut tissue and coagulate blood simultaneously, resulting in minimal bleeding. It allows for very accurate cutting and is a highly skilled method of removing tonsils.

3. Cauterisation

Cauterisation is a medical practice of applying heat to tissue during a surgical procedure to reduce infection and bleeding. During the procedure, your tonsils will be simultaneously removed and burnt to seal off the blood vessels. This is a common, effective, and safe method of tonsil removal in Singapore.

4. Coblation

Coblation refers to “controlled ablation” which involves using low-temperature radiofrequency energy to remove the soft tissues that make up the tonsils. It can help reduce pain and bleeding in the postoperative period and improve recovery times.

If you have issues like sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils, recurrent tonsillitis, or malignant tissue in your tonsils, you should speak with your ENT doctor about tonsil removal methods and which one would work for you.

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