Deviated Nasal Septum

Deviated nasal septum (Bent or crooked nasal septum)

What is nasal septum ?

A nasal septum is a bony-cartilaginous wall that separates the nasal cavity into a right side and left side (Figure 1a&b). In most people, the septum is slightly bent or crooked (called a deviated nasal septum). Sometimes, the bent septum can be bad enough to cause significant blockage of the nasal cavity on one side of the nose. The reason for a bent nasal septum is often unknown but may be attributable to congenital (born with it) or traumatic causes.


If a deviated nasal septum causes significant blocked nose, it should be corrected by septoplasty (surgery to correct a deviated nasal septum). Other reasons for septoplasty include nosebleed due to a vessel at or behind the bent septum and for surgical access to sinus surgery. Septoplasty is done through the nose without any external cuts on the nose or face.

When Should You See an ENT Specialist in Singapore?

  • Any ear, nose or throat symptoms that you are troubled with or concerned about
  • Persistent blocked nose with mouth breathing or snoring

Dr Gan provides a comprehensive management in a broad array of Ear, Nose and Throat as well as Head & Neck conditions. He has a special interest in treating various nose and sinus conditions including snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

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