Benign Vocal Cord Voice Box Growth/Lesions

Benign vocal cord (Voice box) growths or lesions

What is a Benign vocal cord (Voice box) growths or lesions?

Benign vocal cord growth and lesions usually occur as a result of voice abuse. In some cases, they can be caused by frequent screaming or yelling, speaking in an improper pitch, speaking for a prolonged period of time without rest and using the voice excessively when sick. Due to the nature of their jobs, teachers, lecturers and singers are at highest risk of developing benign vocal cord lesions.

Vocal cord nodules are the most common vocal cord lesions. They are also known as Singer’s or screamer’s nodes. These are non-cancerous growths (like calluses) on the vocal cords. Other benign lesions that can develop on the vocal cord includes vocal cord polyp (Figure 1) and cyst. Vocal cord nodules will interfere with the vibratory function of the vocal cords, causing hoarse voice. Often patients also complain of a breathy voice that fatigues easily.


The treatments of benign vocal cord lesions include voice rest and voice therapy. Like calluses, vocal cord nodules usually disappear when overuse of that area is stopped. Sometimes a course of acid suppressant medication and lifestyle modification to prevent acid reflux may help in reducing acid irritation of the voice box, thereby allowing resolution of the nodules. For vocal cord polyps and cysts, surgery involving microsurgical instruments and technique is usually required to remove these lesions

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